Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

As much as I love the holidays, I have never really painted alot for Valentine's Day, but I love all the wonderful bowl tucks and ornies I am seeing in blogland. Maybe that is what inspired me to do a little something at least. Anyone that has followed me for very long, knows how much I love painting on soap bars. I was in a painting challenge once where I had to use crackle medium, and I just loved how it looked, so one day I thought to myself, well I wonder if that would work on soap!

So I prepped my soap as always, and began experimenting. Now, many of my soaps go through a 7 step process, seems like allot for a bar of soap, but so worth it.I still keep them very affordable, and they have been one of my best sellers. So next time you get an idea, just play, the discoveries are what make creating fun!
 If you are in need of a quick little gift for someone, be sure to stop over at my Etsy shop and take a look at the different soaps. More soap designs are in the planning stages, so I will be adding more soon! They come wrapped in cello bags with twist ties, all ready for gift giving!

I hope you all get a moment to spend some great quality time with your familes this weekend, and till next time............Blessings to All


  1. Love the look of the crackle effect on your soaps Jody. Great job!

  2. Wow Jody, that is wonderful what that crackle medium did to the soaps, I love those! Hope you are staying safe and warm:)

  3. cute. I never even thought of painting on soaps.

    Keep warm this weekend,

  4. I've never seen anyone do this. What a great idea! You're so talented. :)
    Take care and have a super weekend!!

  5. Jody,
    Love the soaps Jody.....something I have never painted on.....oh well there's always tomorrow or the day after that or.....!!!!!!!

  6. Love the soap. I have never painted on soap before. You are so right, discover does make creating fun.


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