Friday, May 1, 2009

Wishing Everyone a Great Weekend!

As always the week just flew by once again. I didn't get allot of projects completed, but they have been base coated, and are ready for next week. I have been in a Patriotic mode lately, so I am hoping to have more to share with you in the coming days ahead. In the meantime, I did get this little box done. I am always looking for creative storage solutions, and when I saw this adorable box I could see a happy home, for all those little needfuls, that never have a home.

I just adore stitchery, although I must admit I never have time to do it myself any longer. Maybe it is time to start making it a "must do", even if only a few minutes a day. I just love the penny rugs, stitchery, rug hooking, and needlework I come across on blogs, prim shops, and websites. Never is there enough time to do all the things we would love to do.......sigh

Time will be becoming even shorter for me soon. My garden takes priority when the weather finally warms up enough to start doing some serious planting. I only have a few short months to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and I take full advantage of it. Mornings will find me in the garden, and many times I take my work outside and spend the day, if family life allows. I am hoping to bring you updates of the garden as it changes with the spring and summer season. We have started some changes already and I can't wait to see the final result.

So here is wishing everyone a great weekend......spend time with your families, and friends, and don't forget to spend a little time with yourself. Your creative spirit will thank you.......


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trash To Treasure!

The other day I promised to show you another Trash to Treasure project. Well here it is......this is a candle sconce I found on one of my GW trips, and as soon as I saw it, I knew just what I wanted to do with it. So home it came and with a few simple changes, it was transformed from yucky to simply that a word? Anyway, after I painted it black, and sanded and distressed it, it was perfect..........except for one thing. I wanted to be able to post it to show you today, so I grabbed a few prim things I had on hand to fill it, but I don't want it to stay this way.

We have several wonderful places to purchase prim candles here in town. One is called Two Sisters, and the other is the Red Geranium...I could spend hours in both of these shops. So after being thrifty, and redoing my 1.00 find at GW, I am headed out to buy a large primitive candle, and a little braided candle mat, then it will be perfect!

If I ever had to choose my favorite primitive accessory it would have to be candles. I cannot resist them! At any given time a candle is burning, or I have tarts in the burner, or even both. It is just something special I do for myself everyday. I have purchased a small tart burner for my studio, and before I begin the day, it is lit, and it creates such a wonderful work environment.

So find a great scented candle, and treat yourself deserve it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Discovery for Today!

Whenever I come across a shop that I just fall in love with, I just have to head over here and share it with you all. I have been in search for a finishing piece to my little, tiny, and I mean tiny 1/2 bath. Actually is was a small closet that was converted into a bath. Anyway, it is so narrow, that it has been difficult to find just the right piece that people will not knock into it, when they use the "powder room". Well this lead me on a quest, and boy did I find a treasure. I was doing a search on Etsy, and discovered Sawdusty's. The above photo is just a sampling of the wonderful primitive items you will find at Sawdusty's Cabin on Etsy! My purchase today was a darling prim hand towel holder, and I will share it with you once it arrives. Too darn cute!
Everything in Denise's shop is handmade, and as primitive as can be. Everything can be customed to your particular paint colors too. Not only does she offer wood items, but grubby candles, tarts, and other wonderful prim goodies. So if you are in the mood for some prim shoppin' head over to Sawdusty's Cabin and have some fun today!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey everyone! Sure hope you had a great weekend! It rained and rained here, and we are in for more today. So it is a good day to get caught up on blog posts, don't ya think? Anyway, I shared with you last week that I had found a couple new GW treasures, and I got one of them finished yesterday. I had a heck of a time getting a decent picture, but I really like how this piece turned out. It appears to be so old.....and it would be perfect for any colonial primitive home. Here it is as I found it.....
and here it is finished! The salbox house is more deep burgundy, then brick red, but as I said it wasn't a good photo taking camera and I have many trying times together.....:) I am off to day to do one other trash to treasure project and hope to share that with you in the next couple days.