Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Good Morning!! Hope everyone had a great was cold and raining here so it was a great weekend to get a couple new projects done.
Although it seems we are still waiting for spring, I was inspired to start doing some Americana painting for the summer. I spent an entire day just plannng on what I would like to make for the season, and this cutting board was first on the list.
I have had this cutting board in my "stash" for quite some time, and I felt it was the perfect surface for this new design by Terrye French.

I have really enjoyed dabbling in painting samplers. There is nothng more primitive to me then a handstitched sampler, but I never seem to find the time to stitch anymore, and I seriously need to change that. I am just in awe of the beautiful stitchery I see on all your blogs. For now though I at least got one painted.....and have several more I would like to do before the years end.

So what is everyone doing today? I am going to spend the day in my studio, and then hopefuly see a little sunshine and work in the garden later this afternoon. My goal is always to have the flower garden done by Memorial Weekend so time is drawing close. Wishing everyone a gorgeous spring day wherever you are and as always until next time...........God Bless!!