Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Morning!

I woke up to a good ole fashioned winter storm today.......lots of snow, lots of wind, and below freezing temps coming later on.........could be as low as 31 below before it is over......brrrrrrrrrr. Now in my mind, this makes for the PERFECT crafting I have fresh pot of coffee, and I am headed to the studio in just a few minutes, but before doing that I wanted to show you what I have been working on.
In a previous post, I had been sharing about "free" decorating, by taking that shelf, mantle, or corner cabinet and playing with what you already have to give you a fresh feel for little to nothing. Well I started doing that with mine, and I decided I wanted something that I could use for the different seasons, holidays, or whatever theme I happened to be doing at that time. That is when I came across the idea for the shelf sitters that I have pictured above. Nothing expensive, but something new I could add as the seasons changed.
Above is the sitter block that I have done for Valentine's Day. I am in the process of making more, so be sure to come back and visit as I hope to get a slideshow of all of them added to my blog soon. All of my sitter blocks are avaiable for purchase in my Etsy store PrimgalsPrimitivePalette. Hope you enjoy and wishing everyone a blessed day today and always!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Discovery!

I was just doing a bit of primitive searching this morning, and came across this wonderful website! If you love prims you have to check it out! Oh my, so many wonderful prims to look at. To my surprise this wonderful lady, had selected one of my prim mousepads to be featured on her blog! Just look under This and That! What an honor!

This is the time of year when I go searching for new and different things for my home. As I have mentioned before I am a little bit of a mix.......more Primitive Colonial, then Extreme prim, and yet I also have a country cottage thing going on along with it. One of my very favorite things to do is to change gatherings, move furniture, change my groupings on shelves, and just use what I have on hand to give my home a new or fresh look. It is amazing what a few simple changes can do.

So if you are feeling a few of the Winter blues, or Holiday letdown, go on.........clean off that fireplace mantle, change that shelf in the living room.......a fresh prospective for the New Year, and it didn't cost a penny!