Thursday, December 10, 2009

One More Tree!

Hey Friends! Thought I would show you one more tree that I put together today. In a previous post I said I wasn't going to put one in the dining room this year, but I have changed my mind. I did scale back though.......this is just a small alpine, instead of the six foot one I usually have, so I still have enough room, and my prim fix too!

I just love this tree topper! These were made for me by a dear friend, and they can be found in my Etsy shop. Whenever I am in need of something sewn, Donna comes to my rescue. We have shared many laughs about keeping me away from a sewing machine........I really am that bad! So she sews and I paint, and we make a great team!

I know that so many of us are going to be super busy in the next coming days, so I want to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to each and everyone of my blogging friends. You have no idea how much it brings to my heart, to be able to share in your everyday lives. God Bless you one and all...........Jody

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Man Winter Has Arrived!

This is what we woke up to this morning......not looking to bad then, but now we are really getting some snow! Our area is under a winter storm warning with blizzard conditions, and it has started up already. I have whispered a silent prayer for all who have to be out in this weather today as we are already down to 16 with windchill factor, and looking at gusts of wind at 25 miles per hour as the day goes on. So it is a wonderful day to stay inside, and I hope all of you are able to do so also.

Before it got to nasty this morning I was able to grab a few pictures of some of the decorations on my front porch. My husband built this lighted birdhouse for me several years ago, and I still love it today. We have two of them on either side of the steps and the twinkling lights make a cute entrance to our home.

I didn't stay out long, as the wind was already starting to blow, but I did get a photo of my other birdhouse that sets in the corner of the porch. This one has lights wound through it also.

Here is my little snowman planter.......the planter I filled with flat cedar from the greenhouse, and then added one of my many snowmen. This hangs to the left of the entry door.

My husband built this sled for me many years ago, from old barn wood he salvaged from a barn being torn down. I have often thought of painting it, but just can't bring myself to do it. I love the natural red of the barn wood. I have wound a pair of woolen mittens to the top, with sprays of holly leaves and berries attached.

Now this is a close up photo of the little mittens I made up this morning for my wreath that hangs on my front door. Since the porch is done in a winter theme, I thought these little mittens were the perfect touch. I filled them with Cinnamon sticks, mini grapevine hearts, and added homespun material. Then I dusted them all with German Glitter Glass.

Not to bad for a quick and easy project today. Here is the wreath all finished. You can't see it clearly as I cut the top off of the picture, but the wreath hangs for a door hanger that features silver bells. It was a gift from a friend of mine, and I just love it.

And last but not least is just a cute pic of one of my snowmen that is perched on the porch chair. I bought him at a craft show many years ago, and just love his warm cap and scarf. He even has matching leggings....:)

I didn't get a really great shot of the entire porch all together......I am going to wait this storm out, and hopefully I can snap a few to share with you later on. I hope everyone can stay warm and cozy today wherever you are.......till next time.........Blessings to All

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Family Tree

I am finally getting a moment to post some pictures of our family tree. I am so attached to this ole has been with me for many, many years. My husband and I have decided that this will be its last year, as we need something a bit smaller now that we have downsized. Our living area is not large, and as you can see this tree takes up the entire corner of the room........but I love it! So after the holidays we will be on the hunt for another "perfect" tree.....and I hope it will hold the wonder and magic that this one has for us.

This is my grandson Cory, decorating the tree in his room. He and grandma have one thing we both love....STARS! He has them on the top of his tree, on his ceiling, and of course his favorite ornaments are the ones from Star Wars! We have been adding to this tree since he was first born, and we collect ornaments for all the occasions in his life too. From the first pair of baby shoes, to the latest Star Wars ormament, he has it on this tree. He shared with me that this is his favorite part of Christmas,(short of presents......:) and you can't get any better then that.

Till next time..........hope you all have a very good week, and I will be back soon! Blessings!

Howdy All!

It has been so long since I have posted!! I have been making sure though to visit all your wonderful blogs when I can, and I am just astounded at the gorgeous homes that have been shown! They have all been breathtaking!

I wanted to share with you today that I was selected to be featured in the 12 Days of Christmas over at the Primitive Peddler! If you get a moment today, click the Primitive Peddler link on the side bar, and visit this fantastic blog! So many wonderful creations to see!

Thanks so much Kim for including me in your wonderful holiday selections! I am so honored!
Have a great day everyone!