Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas season! I have so enjoyed reading all the wonderful blogs on what people do to celebrate, and the adorable photos too! I know I have some wonderful recipes to add to my collection from all of you also, and can't wait to try them all.
I have taken a break from painting for the past couple weeks, so I really have no photos to share, but I have so many things I want to do. I have been organizing, cleaning, and getting everything ready for the new season, and I am getting excited to get started again.
I have no hard and fast New Year resolutions, but I do want to be more focused on my business, and not let so many distractions interfere.....wish me luck.
So until next time......I wish everyone a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year, and as always......
Blessings to All

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look At This Wonderful Giveaway!

What a wonderful giveaway being offered at
To enter just pop over to Seasons of the Past, and leave a comment as to what your New Year resolutions are! I just adore this spoon rack.....isn't it awesome!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas!

The gifts are wrapped and under the tree, the baking is finished, now just to make up my dishes for dinner tomorrow and I will be ready to relax and enjoy the holiday.

I hope you all have simply the best holiday ever!

 Merry Christmas to all
and to all a great night!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It will be a flurry of activity here in the next few days as I get everything together for the holiday. So I wanted to come by and wish each and everyone of my dear blogging friends a Very Merry Christmas!
It has been such a wonderful year, getting to know all of you! God Bless Each and Everyone!

Till Next Time
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Have to Share............

When I find wonderful creations in Blogland, on Etsy, or Ebay I just love to pass it on to all my prim friends, and blog buddies. I purchased this Santa from Lisa, of The Moonlit Stitch.
She has a shop on Etsy, and has a blog This lady does some awesome primitive work.......just perfection!

Lisa had posted that he was on Ebay, but I was too late to place a bid, so I wrote her and she agreed to make me another, and I am just thrilled with him. Her workmanship is incredible! I couldn't get the colors to come out just right, but his clothing is all in prim red check, and I just fell in love with the jingle bells as buttons! He also has a prim tag attached to him that says Jingle, along with a vintage button. Of course I found the perfect home for him......standing next to my jingle bell feather tree....:)

Oh and this adorable ornament was also enclosed in my Santa package! What a perfect ornament for me......a star! When I opened the package it smelled so good, so I placed it in a crock that sits on my dining room table so I can continue to enjoy that wonderful scent.
A special thank you to Lisa for my wonderful items, I couldn't be more thrilled. If you get a moment please check out Lisa's shop and blog.......she is such a great gal to work with. Thanks again Lisa, and wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One More Tree!

Hey Friends! Thought I would show you one more tree that I put together today. In a previous post I said I wasn't going to put one in the dining room this year, but I have changed my mind. I did scale back though.......this is just a small alpine, instead of the six foot one I usually have, so I still have enough room, and my prim fix too!

I just love this tree topper! These were made for me by a dear friend, and they can be found in my Etsy shop. Whenever I am in need of something sewn, Donna comes to my rescue. We have shared many laughs about keeping me away from a sewing machine........I really am that bad! So she sews and I paint, and we make a great team!

I know that so many of us are going to be super busy in the next coming days, so I want to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas to each and everyone of my blogging friends. You have no idea how much it brings to my heart, to be able to share in your everyday lives. God Bless you one and all...........Jody

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Old Man Winter Has Arrived!

This is what we woke up to this morning......not looking to bad then, but now we are really getting some snow! Our area is under a winter storm warning with blizzard conditions, and it has started up already. I have whispered a silent prayer for all who have to be out in this weather today as we are already down to 16 with windchill factor, and looking at gusts of wind at 25 miles per hour as the day goes on. So it is a wonderful day to stay inside, and I hope all of you are able to do so also.

Before it got to nasty this morning I was able to grab a few pictures of some of the decorations on my front porch. My husband built this lighted birdhouse for me several years ago, and I still love it today. We have two of them on either side of the steps and the twinkling lights make a cute entrance to our home.

I didn't stay out long, as the wind was already starting to blow, but I did get a photo of my other birdhouse that sets in the corner of the porch. This one has lights wound through it also.

Here is my little snowman planter.......the planter I filled with flat cedar from the greenhouse, and then added one of my many snowmen. This hangs to the left of the entry door.

My husband built this sled for me many years ago, from old barn wood he salvaged from a barn being torn down. I have often thought of painting it, but just can't bring myself to do it. I love the natural red of the barn wood. I have wound a pair of woolen mittens to the top, with sprays of holly leaves and berries attached.

Now this is a close up photo of the little mittens I made up this morning for my wreath that hangs on my front door. Since the porch is done in a winter theme, I thought these little mittens were the perfect touch. I filled them with Cinnamon sticks, mini grapevine hearts, and added homespun material. Then I dusted them all with German Glitter Glass.

Not to bad for a quick and easy project today. Here is the wreath all finished. You can't see it clearly as I cut the top off of the picture, but the wreath hangs for a door hanger that features silver bells. It was a gift from a friend of mine, and I just love it.

And last but not least is just a cute pic of one of my snowmen that is perched on the porch chair. I bought him at a craft show many years ago, and just love his warm cap and scarf. He even has matching leggings....:)

I didn't get a really great shot of the entire porch all together......I am going to wait this storm out, and hopefully I can snap a few to share with you later on. I hope everyone can stay warm and cozy today wherever you are.......till next time.........Blessings to All

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Family Tree

I am finally getting a moment to post some pictures of our family tree. I am so attached to this ole has been with me for many, many years. My husband and I have decided that this will be its last year, as we need something a bit smaller now that we have downsized. Our living area is not large, and as you can see this tree takes up the entire corner of the room........but I love it! So after the holidays we will be on the hunt for another "perfect" tree.....and I hope it will hold the wonder and magic that this one has for us.

This is my grandson Cory, decorating the tree in his room. He and grandma have one thing we both love....STARS! He has them on the top of his tree, on his ceiling, and of course his favorite ornaments are the ones from Star Wars! We have been adding to this tree since he was first born, and we collect ornaments for all the occasions in his life too. From the first pair of baby shoes, to the latest Star Wars ormament, he has it on this tree. He shared with me that this is his favorite part of Christmas,(short of presents......:) and you can't get any better then that.

Till next time..........hope you all have a very good week, and I will be back soon! Blessings!

Howdy All!

It has been so long since I have posted!! I have been making sure though to visit all your wonderful blogs when I can, and I am just astounded at the gorgeous homes that have been shown! They have all been breathtaking!

I wanted to share with you today that I was selected to be featured in the 12 Days of Christmas over at the Primitive Peddler! If you get a moment today, click the Primitive Peddler link on the side bar, and visit this fantastic blog! So many wonderful creations to see!

Thanks so much Kim for including me in your wonderful holiday selections! I am so honored!
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We Have A Winner!!

Congratulations to Jill of Northern Illinois! She is the winner of the Old Farmhouse Gathering Holiday Basket Giveaway. You can visit Jill here
Thanks to all that signed up and participated in our giveaway, we will have more of these in the future!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Got Started on Decorating!

Happy Monday Everyone! Well as many of you, I also spent some time this weekend getting started on my holiday decorating. These are just a few things that I have finished, and I hope to bring you more photos as I complete more rooms.

This photo is in my living room, above my couch. My husband built this shelf for me, and I just love it. I opted for a very simple look this year, and didn't bring out allot of my normal decorations. So far I am really liking this, but we shall see what each new year brings.

This is a dough bowl that filled with my start of Belsnickle Santas.I am hoping to gather more of these wonderful guys during the after holiday sales. I would love to have about 5 more, I think they are just wonderful, and very prim!

Just a little decorating done to my antique high chair........I love to add something just about everywhere. I have a real passion for stars if you hadn't noticed. I have them all over my home.

This is the top of my entertainment center in the living room. I am not done with this I don't think. Need to tweak this just a bit more, but it is a start.

I wanted to take some night here are just a few. This is a feather tree that I purchased on my outing a couple weeks ago. Normally I have a 6' tree in my dining room, but since we are entertaining this year, I felt I needed the extra space, so the little tree will have to do.

Another night shot in my dining room of my antique serving cart. I have another dough bowl filled to the brim with boughs, lights and a darling prim ginger boy. I have my tart burner going with Apple Pie tarts, and it smells wonderful!

This grapevine tree was the start of my love for primitives, oh gee, about 18 years ago. I fell in love with it and it looks wonderful in the kitchen at night as a terrific night light.

This crock is one of my favorites, and a very precious gift. I filled it this year with pip berries, greens, and wooden candy canes.

I love my table top bench, but I think more tweaking needs to be done here also. I am sure it will change many times before I get it the way I want it.

I took a prim candle holder and filled it with rose hips, and put snowman in the center. More bobbins complete this little chimney cabinet.
Well it is a start, but with much more to do. We will be doing our family tree this weekend. Hubby is in charge of the lights on that one, so need to wait till he has a chance to work his magic. I still need to get some things done outside too, so be sure to stop back by real soon to see more. Hope you enjoy your Monday, and till next time...........Blessings to All

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sad News

On Thanksgiving, our Old Farmhouse Gathering Team lost our founder, and leader. Linda Foster, also known as Prairie Rose, died suddenly of a heart attack. As our group mourns her loss, we are trying to regroup and continue on in her memory.

For those of you that have signed up for the Holiday Giftbasket Giveaway, please know that the drawing will take place in a few days. This was Linda's project and we are working diligently to get it done for her. We have lost a great lady, and she will be missed. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family at this very sad time. May God grant you peace.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hey Guys! I just wanted to pop in real quick and wish you all the best during the Thanksgiving Holiday! I, as many others, have so much to be grateful for this year. After seeing my husband through a serious brain injury this summer, I am so grateful that we were given the blessing of spending another Thanksgiving together. Along with the large things, I have many little blessings everyday too. When I come to blogland, and am allowed in your homes and to share in your lives, it is a blessing each and every day.

Now on a more serious note........I was sent this video today from a very dear friend Donna, and I was so taken with it, I just had to share........this is what was written below the link that was sent.

Our daughter-in-law, Emily (MacInnes) Somers, created, directed and choreographed this in Portland last week for her Medline glove division as a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. This was all her idea to help promote their new pink gloves. I don't know how she got so many employees, doctors and patients to participate, but it started to really catch on and they all had a lot of fun doing it.

When the video gets 1 million hits, Medline will be making a huge contribution to the hospital, as well as offering free mammograms for the community. Please check it out. It's an easy and great way to donate to a> wonderful cause, and who hasn't been touched by breast cancer?

Please take a moment, and watch is for such a wonderful cause, and it is just delightful to see. Happy Thanksgiving Blog Friends, and I will be back after the holiday so till always

Many Thanksgiving Blessings to Ya!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I truly don't know where the week went.......can't believe it is Friday! It has been a whirlwind here, as I wanted to finish up orders, get swaps finished and mailed out, so that I could sit down and paint something off my "to do" know the one that is a mile long, and I will never finish everything list?

I have had this one in mind to do for quite some time.........and I was very pleased as to how it turned out. Some designs just speak to me more then others, and I thought this adorable snowman was a for sure indeed.

I painted this on a very thick wood cutting of course! It is sprinkled in snow, for an even more winter feel. Isn't he sweet?
Well here is wishing everyone a terrific weekend.........I will be using next week to get ready for Thanksgiving, and maybe even start a little least go through and see what I want for this year. Simplicity is the theme for my home this year......lots of nature in simple green boughs, and of course all the white twinkling lights! So I will be back soon, hopefully with some photos to share..........Till next time.........Blessing to each and everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Great Place to Shop!

If you are in search of some wonderful prim shops, Primitive Crossroads has some great ones! Not only can you buy, but you can advertise your shop also! If you get a few extra minutes, pop on over and look at all they have to offer! Thanks Mandie for featuring my Christmas Stocking Sampler, I am very honored to have been chosen!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girl's Day Out!

Today was my friend Sandy's birthday, and we have always celebrated each other's birthday's by having lunch, exchanging gifts, and if we can we always try to do a little prim shopping. We are fortunate here in this small town to have three wonderful primitive shops. Along with them are several antique malls also, so you can spend the entire day out and never leave town.

This is my favorite shop......Two Sisters. I never leave that shop without finding something I just have to have. Today I found a prim reindeer, a feather tree, and a couple new prim ornaments, and a small candle wreath. But my favorite find was a darling primitive gingerbread that I will be showing you later on when I start decorating for Christmas. This shop is just crammed full of primitives, but they are best known for their fabulous candles that are made right here in our area, exclusively for them. I can spend hours is a two story home, and every room is just filled to the brim with fantastic items.

The rain stopped just long enough for me to snap a couple of photos.......this is Sandy on her 53rd birthday! She would probably kill me if she knew I was posting this photo...:) If you look to the left you will see another favorite shop, and that one is the "Farmers Daughter". We were hoping to go there today also, but between the rain, and running short on time we didn't make it, but in a week or so we will be visiting that one too, so I will snap some better photos then.
Even with the rain, it was a wonderful day......we spent time here at my home, having coffee, and catching up, and then of course it was present time. So after opening gifts, we went out and had a great lunch, and then hit a couple stores, with Two Sisters being our last stop, and of course the one we were in the longest. The shops are all decorated for the holidays, and I cannot wait to start mine soon. It has always been a tradition with us, to get our lights on the house, and get our porch decorated on Thanksgiving day. Then the decorating begins in the house the following day over the long weekend. I have decided that this year......less is more. I want everything to be rather simple, so hopefully I can get it all done in three days.
Hope everyone has had a good day today! I just came from visiting blogs, and the creations are just amazing, and the makeovers are all fabulous! I just love visiting all of you! Till next time.........Blessings to ya!

Monday, November 16, 2009

What I Did This Weekend!

Hey All! I sure hope everyone had a great weekend! My husband had to work all weekend, so this gave me an opportunity to get a few more things painted that I hadn't planned on so I wanted to share. I have wanted to do this sampler for a very long time......the colors are more muted then the picture shows, and I was just delighted with how it turned out. This is a Kim Klasson design that has been on my to do list for about three years now.....finally got it done!

These penny ornaments were really fun to do also......I have a tree of course that is nothing but primitive ornaments and these will be the new ones for the year. These will also be available in my Etsy shop as soon as I get a chance to get them posted.

Though prim is my absolute favorite thing to paint, when the holidays come around, I can't resist a little sparkle. This Noel ornament has been painted on a piece of bisque, and then glitter glass was applied. They turned out so pretty!

Here is another........I believe this is a Jamie Mills Price design. Again I used the bisque ornament and as a set they are just beautiful. It is always fun to venture outside the box every once in awhile and do something totally different.
I have a few orders to fill today, and then I am free again to start on some great new pieces. So stay tuned and I will be back shortly with more goodies! Blessings to all my blogging friends!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a Wonderful Surprise!

I don't even know where to begin with this post. I am so deeply touched by the kindness that was shown to me today, and I just had to share with all of you.

Today in the mail, I received a big box. At first I was in a near panic, as the only thing I could think of was, Oh my, don't tell me I have forgotten a swap!.....:) I didn't recognize the name, and couldn't for the life of me figure out what it could be. Well gals this box was sent to me by Teresa of Willow Bend Prims. What wonderful goodies were inside! I unwrapped each one and was thrilled with everything. First she sent a stitchery of an adorable snowman, two stocking ornaments, a candle holder, a bottle of room spray, a wooden hang tag ornie, and some gorgeous fabric. Also a prim Christmas tree on a stick! Everything is just wonderful, and at the bottom of the box I found a note from Teresa.

So here is the rest of the story.........Doris, of I PlayOutsideTheBox, had won this giveaway. As a Random Act of Kindness and to give me a special surprise, she had Teresa send me HER prize!!! Isn't that the most awesome thing? A HUGE thank you to Doris, and to Teresa for making this day so special! I am just speechless......but the gratefulness in my heart, and your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Just a Few More........

Here are just a few more things that I have finished up! The plate below has a Katrina Roncin design of a very primitive snowman. This is my favorite of the plates. Another design by Katrina, and done in all my favorite prim shades.

Ooops I cut the top part of the handle off of the paddle, but I was trying to get some good detail shots and it still didn't work well....") I definitly heed to hone up on my photo skills......but in the meantime this is a design by Terrye French, and it is so primitive in color, style, and was distressed after painting....Love how it turned out!

As always everything I paint, is always available in my Etsy shop. If you can't find something, be sure to check my sold items.....maybe I can do another one if I can locate a similiar surface. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and hopefully I will be on Monday with even more goodies! Till next time.........Blessings All

A Holiday Door Crown

As I get things completed, I will be popping in and posting! I am doing a multi task system to day...:) Here is a door crown that I just painted with a Barb Jones design. These are so darn cute above doorways and windows. I don't know about you but I love to decorate EVERYWHERE and this gives me some added space. Okay back to the studio for me right now! Have a terrific weekend, and I will see you again soon!

Isn't This Gorgeous!

I have shared with all of you in the past, how much I love Sawdusty's Cabin . Denise has now opened her own website, and as a promotion is giving away this gorgeous centerpiece for signing up for her newletter. Yep that's it.......all you have to do is sign up and you are entered for a chance to win. If you are a prim lover, you can't pass up this gals shop.........beautiful hand made prims, candles, tarts, you name it. I have several of her pieces in my home, and they are top quality. Go visit today and sign up!

In other news, I have been working feverishly this week, trying to finish up some new pieces for my Etsy shop. New items will be posted in the next couple days. Soon it will be time to start thinking of holiday decorating, oh my, where has time gone? Speaking of decorating, as a painter, I love to hear what people's favorite things to decorate with are. I can remember it taking me days and days to decorate my home, but in the past few years, I truly have simplified the process. I used to put up 8 holiday themed trees when we lived in a huge farmhouse. Now I am down to three. So keep in mind, as we enter into the frazzled time of the holiday season, keep it simple.......and you will enjoy the process, and the holiday! Blessings to all........till next time

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Elves Have Been Busy!

Hey Blogger Friends! Tis the season for the paint to fly, so I have been really busy creating new projects for the Holiday Season. I will get back to post pictures in just a couple days, but in the meantime, I just had to share this wonderful giveaway with you!

These are just a few of the wonderful creations that can be found by the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy! Aren't they wonderful? Just hop on over to the OFG Blog
and leave a comment to win this spectacular giveaway. While you are there, check out the rest of the wonderful shops that you will find! Tell them Jody sent ya! Good Luck everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Thursday All!

It has been a busy week here, but I did manage to get a couple new things finished up. As I shared in an earlier post we have had family in from out of state for the past week, so most of my time was spent with them. But they have now headed home, and today I got a chance to get back up in the studio and do these couple of items.

I just love these small wood paddles! They work so well from shelving pegs, or hanging on door knobs, or just about anywhere you need a little something. This one I painted with a Terrye French design, and this cute little guy could see you all the way through winter.
This is just a little closer shot.....I have added glitter glass to the bottom of the paddle, and it makes it so festive it!

Here is another set of the rusty tin scoops. I only had the one pair left so of course they had to be for the holidays! We have a primitive Christmas tree, and Candy Canes, and the they were speckled with white paint for a snowy appearance.
As with most of the things I share here on my blog, these can be purchased in my Etsy shop.......
Hope everyone is having or has had a fabulous week! Till next time...........