Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

Everyone has their favorite way to decorate for the Holidays, and mine has got to be Christmas trees, and ornaments! I don't think there is a primitive ornament that I can ever pass up! Ornaments are my favorite way to capture memories of family and friends. So at this time a year, I just go nuts with painting any kind of ornament that I feel could make a lasting memory for someone.

These ornaments would be perfect for prim trees, snowman themed trees, or that adorable country cabin look. I like to take these ornies and make garlands, or add them to wreaths, and of course they look terrific as gift tags on packages for that special someone. Be sure and visit often as I will be adding more and more ornaments in different themes as the holidays get closer and closer. Hope you enjoy!

Woodland Snowman Ornaments