Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Wonderful Surprise!

Isn't this the cutest pillow! My friend Donna, who is a very talented seamstress, stitcher, and painter, made this as a surprise for me! I just love the verse, and she said she thought of my grandchildren when she stitched it.

My father rescued this old chair that was headed for the landfill. He took it all apart, and refinished it for me. He even did the caning on the seat. It is a real treasure to me and is referred to as "The Special Chair" in my home. Since my fathers passing it has become even more precious, and I think Donna's pillow looks just perfect on it. Thanks so much Donna!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!

Well it is a gorgeous Earth Day here today........hope you are enjoying great weather where you are! I got to thinking about Earth Day, and all the things we do, like recycling our garbage, using green products to clean our home, etc. Well sometimes I forget to recycle, and I have been known to grab a bottle of uneco friendly cleaner here and there. But the one thing I am really good at is repurposing...........and every prim and cottage style decorater that I know is fabulous at that, and they recieve my kudos today. I am often just stunned at the trasnformations that I see on blogs and websites, of repurposed items, headed for landfills. I am a faithful Goodwill treasure seeker, love garage sales, and because of that I hope I am doing my part for saving the earth for my grandchildren, and future greatgrandchildren. Plus it is fun!!!!!! I did get a chance to hit the goodwill last week, but haven't gotten around to getting pics yet........but hopefully I will have a few to show you next week.

I have been busy this week filling spring orders, but I did get a moment to go to my treasure closet and find this old recipe box. The design by Donna Atkins I felt was perfect for it. Very prim, very basic, but love how it turned out.