Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's New Wednesday!

I hope it is a good morning for all of you that have had the terrible weather conditions! As you all know I am in the Chicago area and we got hit hard. The snow and blowing was so blinding you couldn' t even see across the street last night......add thunder and lightening to the mix and it was a sight to see.
But the snow plows are out, the showblowers are going and the worst of it is over for now. I am just grateful that we had no power outages, and that all my loved ones are safe and at home enjoying their snowday!
So with the weather being what it has been, I have spent the past couple days working on some new things. The picture above is a resin butter paddle I have had in my "stash" now for about two years. I came across it the other day, and just had to do something with it, so I painted a cute Marie Provost design of a sheep and willow, and added a prim tag that says "Butter". Of course it is all sanded, distressed, and pefectly prim....

These are just three little papier mache boxes that I have had on hand, and I tied them all together with the look of these boxes on shelves, and in prim gatherings.
A friend of mine had sent me some gourd eggs, and I wanted to get them painted up, so I painted one of these cute pineapple bowls and place the eggs inside. Love it!

Oh, and I wanted to mention to all
 of you......thanks so much for your terrific response to my Tissue Box that I featured a couple days back. At the time I only had one to offer, but since then I have been able to get more tissue boxes in, and more labels made thanks to Susie over at YankeeLanePrimitives
Thanks so much Susie for designing this label for me!
So be checking my Etsy shop, or drop me an email if you are interested in one, as they should be listed and ready for sale in the next couple days!

So my wish today is that everyone is safe, warm and enjoying their snowday! It is going to be a wonderful day here spent in my studio, with a nice cup of coffee, an staying warm......till the next time......God Bless!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Marketplace

Good Morning Blogging Friends!
With the news of a blizzard heading our way, I am so ready for spring! So this morning, I wanted to share with you this wonderful new prim shop that has joined our Etsy team.....Old Farmhouse Gathering.  For those of you who love to work with wool, fibers, and thread you will love this shop!
Let me introduce you to Valerie of Prim Folk Art Shop!

Valerie is an avid seamstress who specializes in wool applique, and offers the neatest patterns for you to purchase. Just click on the link above to see more of her wonderful creations.

This shop contains folk art wool applique patterns, primitive patterns, quilt patterns, Valdani threads, hand dyed wool, wool felt and other needfuls. From time to time you will see handmade folk art applique pieces and folk art themed quilts.
 I just fell in love with this sampler! I don't get a chance to do allot of needlework, but I have been so inspired by the so many of you that do, that I am going to pick up that needle again and get started.
You can also find Valerie on her blog

I hope everyone that is coming into this storm will please stay safe and warm......till next time
God Bless