Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Good Morning Blog friends! We have snow on the ground and it is a bit chilly here today, but for an Illinois winter we sure can't complain. Hope it is nice where you are too!

I have been using the month of January to simplify and organize my studio, and that has brought forth a few changes. Like any self respecting crafter I have too much "STUFF" and it was becoming overwhelming. So I have been busy reorganizing, pitching, and rethinking how I really want to proceed in this new year.
I don't know about you all, but I have more painting surfaces then I will ever paint in a life time. It is so hard to let go of those "but I might paint that later" piece! I know so many of you can relate....:)
So decisions had to be made and I asked myself the hard questions......what do you love to paint on the most......and that answer was very surprising since I am such a primitive gal, but my true first love is canvas. So I have been working on some new pieces that I wanted to share.

This large 8x10 canvas is a sweet design from Kim Klasson. All of the canvas pieces include the frames and are available in my Etsy shop. I really have enjoyed painting these and will be doing many more in the next few months.
Wishing you all a great start to a new week........full of good things and lots of blessings......
Till next time......God Bless