Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Good Morning Blog friends! We have snow on the ground and it is a bit chilly here today, but for an Illinois winter we sure can't complain. Hope it is nice where you are too!

I have been using the month of January to simplify and organize my studio, and that has brought forth a few changes. Like any self respecting crafter I have too much "STUFF" and it was becoming overwhelming. So I have been busy reorganizing, pitching, and rethinking how I really want to proceed in this new year.
I don't know about you all, but I have more painting surfaces then I will ever paint in a life time. It is so hard to let go of those "but I might paint that later" piece! I know so many of you can relate....:)
So decisions had to be made and I asked myself the hard questions......what do you love to paint on the most......and that answer was very surprising since I am such a primitive gal, but my true first love is canvas. So I have been working on some new pieces that I wanted to share.

This large 8x10 canvas is a sweet design from Kim Klasson. All of the canvas pieces include the frames and are available in my Etsy shop. I really have enjoyed painting these and will be doing many more in the next few months.
Wishing you all a great start to a new week........full of good things and lots of blessings......
Till next time......God Bless


  1. Morning Jody,
    Your are so talented...I love your new pictures. I am a craft "Stuff" collector too! You just never know what could inspire you.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. Hi Jody,
    I am right there with you! I finally had to do the "soul searching" and ended up putting some of the millions of items up on a destash area on Etsy. It would take me forever to paint all of it. So I kept some and listed others.
    Glad to hear you found a favorite to paint on! They are fabulous!!
    Enjoy you day,

  3. Awesome painting as always Jody!! Really like the sheep one!
    No snow here, record highs predicted for today, 63! yay! Unheard of here in Nebraska in January!


  4. Hi Jody! Your work is great, love the canvas pictures (I love Kim's too). I sure wish I could de-stash some more...I have been working at the same thing for the month and am still having trouble parting with 'things'. However...I was proud of myself when I went to the thrift shop and stopped myself from buying some more! LOL My favorite surface is still wood, love working with it. If you want to come by and help me get rid of more and give me some pointers you will be welcomed with open arms!! :)

  5. I have been hooked on canvas lately also. So easy, love the tooth of it and takes up not much room. I need to get rid of things also, too much stuff that I am never going to paint!
    Love your pieces, very nice!


  6. Hi Jody! I love your paintings on canvas! They still have a prim look to them. I can't decide which is my favorite design, they are all so wonderful!

    I'm working on my crafting space also. So much in there that it can be overwhelming, lol!

    Enjoy your week~


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