Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting in the Spirit of Things.........

Hey Blogging Friends! I hope this post finds you all enjoying the last days of summer! I am sure this is a busy time for many of you, as you hustle to get your children back to school. Our kids start back here on Friday, and when school starts it is the start fall in my mind, regardless of the calender....:)
I remember starting school in wool skirts and sweaters, but that sure wouldn't work here. We are having some really heated days with lots of humidity. Hope it is cooler where you are.

Now for what I have been working on.........this is a cute design by Laurie Speltz.....I love some of her things as her critters, ghosts, and goblins make me smile.

I don't think there is anything neater then folk art. This piece is a Terrye French design, and is loaded in detail. I have painted it on a wooden tray, and then distressed and antiqued after painting. We have a scarecrow riding is crow, pulling his pumpkin wagon behind. Wouldn't you love to know their destination, as they travel with only the light of the moon? Okay maybe not.......but it sure was fun to paint!
I have so many new ideas floating around in my head, now to just get them down on paper and get them painted. I love painting for fall, and Halloween, so my to do list is endless. I won't get them all done, I never do, but I hope to keep bringing you more as the days to Halloween grow close and closer. Not that I want to rush these last days of summer, but I am looking forward to the fall decorating. Hope some of my items will provide some inspiration as you plan your holiday decorating too! Have a great week, and I will be back soon.....until next time as always......
Blessing to All!