Friday, May 22, 2009

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Weekend!

Graphic compliments of Mandie! Thanks hon this is great!

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a terrific holiday weekend! Weather you are spending it with friends and family, or getting your gardens planted, I wish all of you a happy and relaxing time. I will be working in my gardens this weekend, and spending some treasured time with my grandson Cory. He always helps Grandma with the flower planting and it makes for a memorable Memorial weekend!

Don't forget to offer up a prayer for our brave men and women that continue to risk their lives for our freedom. God Bless them one and all!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I Have Been Working On Wednesday!

Good morning All! I wanted to take a quick minute, and post what I have been working on this week. With the summer months ahead, and all the outdoor gatherings, I thought this little basket would really be a great addition to any picnic gathering. This is a design that I adapted from Terrye French.....I never do designs the same way the designer does, as I always have to add or take away to make it more my own creation. I change colors, take away elements, or add them, whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time. This basket, along with all of my painted creations can always be found in my Etsy shop!
It is a beautiful day here so I am off in a bit to go do some flower shopping, and get ready for the upcoming holiday weekend. I am hoping to take the weekend and get my gardening done, and then just sit back and enjoy for the rest of the summer. Here is wishing you all a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Touch of Spring!

Hey All! I have been really busy the past couple days trying to get orders filled, so I haven't had a moment to work on any of my TS finds, but I am hoping sometime this weekend I will have something finished to show you. In the meantime, it was gorgeous here today and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the garden .
I am off tomorrow to finally get the annuals for the I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have seen the last of these low temps at night. I have so many baskets, and what nots to fill with some glorious color. My garden is basically a shade garden, with only one section that gets any kind of real sun, so it has always been a challenge to bring in color.
For those of you who have followed my blog you all already know that my garden is my passion in the summer months. It has been such a work in progress being primarily shade, and I spent hours studying up on what works and what doesn't. Never knew there were so many different KINDS of shade. Dry shade, wet shade, dappled shade, dense shad, and believe it or not, it all makes a difference when you are trying to get it to work..........but I think I have it now.......:)

I just love hostas, and daylillies, and astilbe's, so that was a great start, and the rest has just evolved. I will be adding new pictures as the seasons come and go, but these are early spring, with bluebells, lily of the valley, and forget me nots. I still have so much to do so hope you can visit often and watch my garden grow...........

I hope today finds you all happy and well............and you had a few moments for yourselves today. I have been trying to visit all of your wonderful blogs, as each and everyone of my blog friends are such a source of inspiration. Thanks to each and all.......Blessings to ya!

Blessings to ya........Jody

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope this post finds you all enjoying your family, friends, or just hanging out and relaxing today! It started out a warm 35 degrees here in Illinois this morning......and I am just waiting for it to reach the high of 65 they are promising.....:)

In the meantime I thought I would show you a few items I did pick up of my TS finds this week. This first one is a great candle scoop, that I want to redo and hang in my small bath. I am still working on that room.......trying to gather up all the prim things that I just have to have, before getting it painted. I am having such a difficult time deciding what color I want in there......but I do know that I want the accent to be navy blue, so I am leaning towards a really prim beige or taupe. Now to find that perfect shade. Anyway I will most likely redo this scoop in navy and add the prim fixins of a candle stick and possibly and old label bottle of some sort........I will post pics when I get it done.

I was thrilled when I found this recipe holder! My recipes are such a mess, as I have them scattered everywhere, stuck in this book, and that book, so this will force me to get them organized and all in one place. This is so has a space to the side to hold a cookbook or two......the lid opens up and there is a space to hold your recipe......and then we have the bottom drawer for storage. I can see the bottom drawer propped open and some prim candles poking out, with some drieds.

I have been looking for a new set of canisters for quite some time. I found these last week at a garage sale that I attended to benefit Relay for Life. Of course the little blue houses on the bottom have to go, but I do love the wood lids. These will be such a space saver on my counter!
Well that is about it for today......I am headed outside to get some yard work done, since the sun has finally come out to warm things up a little. See you all again soon!