Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Touch of Spring!

Hey All! I have been really busy the past couple days trying to get orders filled, so I haven't had a moment to work on any of my TS finds, but I am hoping sometime this weekend I will have something finished to show you. In the meantime, it was gorgeous here today and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the garden .
I am off tomorrow to finally get the annuals for the year........as I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have seen the last of these low temps at night. I have so many baskets, and what nots to fill with some glorious color. My garden is basically a shade garden, with only one section that gets any kind of real sun, so it has always been a challenge to bring in color.
For those of you who have followed my blog you all already know that my garden is my passion in the summer months. It has been such a work in progress being primarily shade, and I spent hours studying up on what works and what doesn't. Never knew there were so many different KINDS of shade. Dry shade, wet shade, dappled shade, dense shad, and believe it or not, it all makes a difference when you are trying to get it to work..........but I think I have it now.......:)

I just love hostas, and daylillies, and astilbe's, so that was a great start, and the rest has just evolved. I will be adding new pictures as the seasons come and go, but these are early spring, with bluebells, lily of the valley, and forget me nots. I still have so much to do so hope you can visit often and watch my garden grow...........

I hope today finds you all happy and well............and you had a few moments for yourselves today. I have been trying to visit all of your wonderful blogs, as each and everyone of my blog friends are such a source of inspiration. Thanks to each and all.......Blessings to ya!

Blessings to ya........Jody


  1. WOW - Your flower gardens are BEAUTIFUL. Looks like a little retreat out there and I love it. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Your gardens are beautiful, Jody!



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