Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun Places to Shop for Prims!

If you are like me, I can't get enough of different places to shop for my primitive addiction! Prim Sister Talk Radio has a wonderful site called PrimSistersShoppes. I have a shop listed with these wonderful artists and I just love what they have to offer. You can visit my shop at http://www.primgalsprimitivepalette.com/ while you are there. Right now I am in the process of redoing everything in order to get ready for the holiday season, so bare with me. Hopefully within the next couple weeks or so I will be ready to showcase some new items! In the meantime browse and enjoy!


  1. Hey, Jodi,
    I like your painted gourd!!
    I have a mini-shoppe at Prim Sister Shoppes also...I like their set up. Be seeing you over there too!

  2. Hey Natalie...I just saw you over there the other day! Glad to see that you joined us! I hope to get some work done on mine soon!


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