Sunday, July 27, 2008

Featured Artist of the Week-Vickie Briningstool

Hope you enjoy reading about our featured artist this week! Vickie Brinningstool aka Momma B is an incredible artist, and showcases her work in many areas of the Internet. You can find Momma B's shop on Etsy at ! Hope you enjoy hearing from Vickie and viewing her wonderful art!
Hello Ya'll, I am MommaB ! Thought I would tell you a little about myself. I have been painting now for over 20 yrs and love it..I can"t stop!
I used to be known as Possum Hollow Crafts, for about 5 yrs, but needed a change and new website.
My hubby of 30 yrs does most of cutting, building, all the sanding, staining and also the laundry.,I am not fooling.But no dishes or cooking!! I have 3 grown kids, but no grandkids yet.I put a lot of time into each piece that I do, too much most of time, but I like what I do and hope you will enjoy each piece you purchase for yrs to come.


  1. Nice feature, Jody!
    I enjoy seeing your work, Vickie.

  2. Thanks Doris.....doesn't Vickie do amazing work? Gorgeous

  3. Love this, Jody!! Nice job, too, Vickie!
    Kris ;)

  4. Jody, I enjoyed looking at your blog...and Vickie has an awesome talent for prim art!

  5. Good job on the feature Jody! Vicki love your work.

  6. I am a big fan of Vickie's work!!
    Enjoyed reading this feature, Jody!!



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