Friday, May 23, 2008

It has rained here again, great for the plants and flowers but sure does change my plans for the day. So thought it would be a great time to add to my blog. I received the nicest gift this morning! Carol, a friend from the OFG Gathering group, sent me the cutest little siggy with my name! Isn't it adorable? I love cottage style decorating, so this little jewel was so me. Thank you Carol!

So this brought to mind a great topic for discussion.......what are your favorite things to decorate with? If I had to describe my home, I would have to use the word cottage country style. I have a mixture of primitive, antique, colonial and cottage. Sounds like quite the mixture doesn't it, but it all seems to work. I believe that your home should reflect who you are, and if you love it, it works. I tend toward the the simplistic way of life. I love the hardwood floors, old cabinets to hold my treasures, and lots and lots of light. I am forever moving pieces and collections around just to get a different look. Most of the things in my home are treasures,that have come from the hearts of family and friends. Everywhere I look is a memory of how blessed I am to have had such wonderful people grace my life. So how about you? What are your favorite decorating styles? I would love to hear all about it. Along with painting, and gardening, I am always looking for new and different things to add to my home, so I would love to hear about yours!

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  1. I don't know if I really have a style, but if I had to label mine, I guess I would have to say it's eclectic! I love painted items, although I would love to have antiques with their original finish too. It really is a toss up in my head..I love them both....and if I had antiques, they would be right in there with my painted pieces too. I'm slowly adding painted accessories that make me happy.


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