Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all are doing well, and surviving all this snow. Some of you have had enough already. I cannot wait to look out my window to the day that I see green, and not white. Heck at this point I would settle for brown....:) I love the snow, but about this time of year, I grow weary of it. Now I am counting the days till I can open those windows, and get a wonderful breath of fresh spring air.

I have been super busy this week getting items painted for the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team's Spring Fling Celebration. This is a wonderful promotion that my street team does every year. If you are ready for some new prim goodies to bring spring to your home be sure to visit these gals......we have everything from bunnies, to tags, to easter eggs you name it. Just type in OFGSFC in the search bar on Etsy on the 15th of February, and all of these wonderful treasures will be available for sale.

I really enjoy painting on canvas. This one is 9x12 and has staple free sides, so no frame is needed. I have different art pieces throughout my home that I love to display on shelves, in grouping, or even something simple such as a plate holder, like I have done in this photo. This piece is full of detail, and was a joy to paint.

These are just a couple things that I have painted up for spring. Of course we had to have a new spring soap, but I really like these new little soap dishes that you can also purchase. They make a great gift set for any occasion. On this one I painted the soap holder to match the color of the bunny, and it is so it.

There is nothing more delightful then some of Renee Mullins' designs. Here I have painted her adorable bunny on a rust tin pocket. I have a bar of soap that coordinates with this pocket in my Etsy shop. I filled it to the brim with pink and white pipberries, to add an extra spring time touch. They aren't glued in so you can remove them and fill this pocket with anything you wish.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's day, and you get a little extra dose of love and attention from your sweethearts! I am off to the studio today to work on a few more things, so I wish you all a great week, and til next time.........Blessings to each and everyone!


  1. Oh Jody...I LOVE those wonderful sights of spring on your paintings, I am SOOooooo tired of the cold and snow too, spring can't come soon enough for me! Happy valentine's day sweetie:)

  2. Awesome Jody, as always!! Happy Valentine's day to you and your family!!


  3. Those are adorable! I have used the canvases with staples on the sides for mixed media collages and other things and I wrap the edge with grosgrain ribbon and it looks great. So if you ever see those canvases on sale, keep that in mind!!

  4. How cute is that?! Your paintings are so delightful!


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