Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some New Items

I have been doing a bit of trash to treasure painting this week, and it has been a refreshing change. If you are a crafter you know what "stash" is. Well my stash is overflowing, and with the spring days ahead, I thought it would be great to get back to a little simplicity. Many of the items that I paint are very detailed and time consuming, so this was like a breath of fresh air for me to do some of the simpler, and yet oh so primitive pieces. Here are three of my sitter blocks, done with designs from John Sliney. Instead of paint for the backgrounds these were done with a series of washes. The wash gives it that perfect primitive patina of time gone by.


  1. 'Stash'...what 'stash'...!!
    How are your plans for adding your supplies category coming along?

  2. Did you say "STASH"????? Oh my goodness, do I ever need to dive into mine!

    These are just lovely and I simply adore that piggy!!! You have such a wonderful technique. Well done!

  3. Thanks All! These blocks are so much fun to do!

  4. These are adorable! I have added you to my favorites!


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