Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Favorite Things!

As most of you know by now, my passion in life is painting primitive and cottage art, but a little known fact about me is my love for the written word. I remember as a child, walking to the library, to get as many books as my arms would hold. I spent my allowance money at the bookstore, buying up every new Nancy Drew mystery that came out. Oops, now I am showing my age......:)

But in spite of spending most of my reading time today on the computer, with websites, and blogs, and yes, even the newspaper, there is still something magical about curling up on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a book you just can't put down. My love of words has never left me, and that is reflected in one of my favorite things.........signs. I have signs of different sayings all through my home, and garden. Usually just a word or two, keeping it simple as always. When people visit my home, they see what I hold dear, what is important to me in life, and what my approach to life is really all about. Weather it is on a plaque, a large wood sign, or stitched on a pillow, words are the easiest way to convey just who you are, and what you hold dear.

Now for the fun part........I wanted to show you a new sign that I just purchased from Rhonda of BeecharmerPrimitives. Now this one was just for fun, but I couldn't resist it. The primitive way she has done this has such a simplicity, and reminded me of the days spent in my grandmothers kitchen. I just had to have it.........:) Be sure to visit Rhonda's blog over the weekend. She is hosting a giveaway of one of her neat signs. I know I sure signed up. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. There are just not enough hours in the day are there?! I used to read quite a bit too. Now I have a hard time finishing a book before it is due at the library. Have a great weekend! ~Natalie

  2. Oh, I just love this post! I just KNEW we were kindred spirits.... I loved to read as a child and still do too. Sadly, I only read now when I go to bed at night and find myself dozing after a few pages.

  3. Thanks Martha! I had to giggle when I read your comment! A book will last me a whole winter since I can only stay awake to read a couple pages at a time........we are alike......LOL


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