Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Have I Been Working On!

My Etsy Street Team is gearing up for our Spring/Easter Celebration that will be launching around March 1st, so I have been busy preparing spring pieces to enter. I will be posting more about our Celebration in a few days. I have to have four items......2 for Spring, and 2 for Easter, so the brushes are flying.

It seems the more deadlines I have to meet the more creative I become. You all know I love to paint on soap, so in the midst of bunnies, and Easter eggs, I just had to create some new primitive soaps. I have to give them the finishing touches and then I hope to be able to post them for you to see tomorrow. Add in a Spring Swap and I have projects all over the studio. My mind just goes in so many directions at once, so it is a little here, a little there, and then on to something else. Somehow, someway, I manage to get things done.....:)

So I hope you get a chance to stop back by in the next week or so........and in the meantime I am wishing you a very blessed week.

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