Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here They Are!

As promised, I did get my new soaps done today! I love to paint on just about any surface imaginable, but I really have a love for painting on soap. I take pride in all the steps that my soaps go through before I feel they are presentable for the buying public.

Through experimentation one day I decided to see if crackle medium would work on a soap surface. Sometimes crackle doesn't do well on all types of surfaces, so I was pleasantly surprised when these turned out as well as they did. Well with a crackle finish, and my love for primitives the sky was the limit. All of my soaps are sanded, then cleaned. The next step is sealing the bar for it to take paint well. Then I apply my first base coat, when dry, the crackle step is next. What is really important in working with soap is allowing for drying time between each step......this is really important for you to be able to turn out a nicely painted soap. If you don't allow for the drying time you find that your paint will creep, or pull off.

So now we go to the topcoat.......after the crackling process is finished, I am finally ready to paint my design of choice. Paint the design, and again let it dry completely. Many times I use a heater or blow dryer to speed up the process. Now it is time to seal the bar, so that the painting will remain if used. I seal my soaps AT LEAST three as you can see my soaps go through quite the process to be ready for sale.

I hope you enjoy the new designs that I have done today........and maybe you will take the leap and try your hand at painting soap! They are really fun, and make excellent small gifts for friends and family.

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