Friday, January 25, 2013

It has been so long since I have been able to get back to my blog....I have missed it! I wish that I could say that I have defined my goals for the year but I honestly can't say I did which is very different for me. I made the decision to let each day unfold into what it is meant to be...... and to paint what I love.
I have wanted to paint this design from the moment I saw it. That is the one thing I love about January.....things slow down and I have the time to paint those "someday" designs that the busier part of the year never allow for. This is another sweet design from Terrye French and is one of my favorites.
In my travels to find unique items to paint on I came across 4 antique sewing drawers last summer. They are so unique to use throughout the home. I have one that I use in my bath to hold rolled up washcloths, but I have seen them decorated with rag balls, bowl fillers, used to hold office supplies....the ideas are endless. This sweet design is by Marie her designs!
Blessings To All...


  1. Hi Jody, You sure do bring life and charm to old stuff. You pretty up the world :)


  2. Oh girl, I know I have been away far too long also. Miss my blogging family so much!! Glad that you get to paint what you want, that's always so nice to have time to craft for yourself. Adorable painting on the sewing drawer! I love them also and have a few around the house, so much charm in them. Nice to visit with you Jody, enjoy your painting~


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