Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Sunday All!

I got up to early this morning, how about you? I had totally forgotten about the time change, till my husband who had to work today told me it was only 4:00!! Oh well more time to paint, so that is what I have been doing.  I found this vintage butter paddle at one of my favorite antique shops, and couldn't wait to paint it. So in deciding what to paint, I am thinking...butter, cookies, I used this cute design by Terrye French, added it to an antique white background, distressed it so the wood would show through, and added a homespun tie, and hang tag...... and it turned out great!

Here is another of those mini cutting boards I found this summer at a resale shop. They are just 7" in length, but are just like the usual size cutting board. They look so cute on kitchen themed trees, or any primitive tree for that matter. Also thought they would make great additions to those peg racks we all love. Sadly I could only find three, so I only have one more left that I can paint.

While I was in snowman mode, I finally got this piece finished. I had started it over a week ago, and I don't know where the time went. Well yes I do......I was blessed with many orders last week, along with trying to fill a large wholesale order, so my fun time to paint had to wait. Anyway this is a design from Renee Mullins, and her snowmen are some of the cutest around.

I did work on a handful of new ideas for my soaps too. I love holly, it is one of my favorite things to decorate with during the holidays, So of course I had to paint some on this bar of soap.

I did one like this a few years back, only changed the background to be just a little less prim. This guy is all dressed up for winter with his fancy scarf, carrying his snowflake. Nothing is more prim then a crow....:)

Everyone knows how much I love my stars, so I had to have something something for the holidays too.  I simply added a garland of everygreen boughs, to the prim stars, a few berries, and it is holiday prim!

This time of year is what I call crazy making........between my online business, home, family, and preparing for the holidays I sometime meet myself coming and going. So today with this cute little soap, remember to simplify all you that you can enjoy the holidays yourself, and each other......
Happy Sunday and Blessings to All!!!


  1. I up early...3 normal time is 4 AM. It hit me about 30 minutes later that I had forgot to turn back the clocks. lol

    Love every one of the items you posted here today!! Great message to everyone also..."Simplify"!

  2. You just had to do more soaps didn't ya?? LOL! No Brenda, you can't buy have no money!! OK....I better not hon! But they are awesome!!

  3. Uh, I was awakened by my hubby early this morning asking me what did I do with the bowl rack that I was working on the night before. The same bowl rack that he'd packaged and shipped the day before. Ooops... a sign of... I can't say it. LOL. It does get a bit confusing at times keeping orders in order. Your soaps and woodcrafts look great Jody:)

  4. Hi Jody,
    I love your soaps: they are so cute.

  5. Hi Jody,
    I think we all need to think like Arizona and forget the time change. It takes me months to adjust then its time to change again. And with kids-its over!
    I love your little mimi cutting board! So cute!
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Love the Simplify Soap! So Pretty!
    I'm new follower! (I'm a new OGT member on etsy too!)
    Lovely blog!
    Rebecca AKA ChristmasGal

  7. Jody, your items are cute! My favorite is the Candle Holder!

  8. Cute butter paddle, love that gingerbread design you painted on it. I adore those mini cutting boards! What a cute idea to put a little scene on the snowman's hat-- love the houses! As always, the soap is so adorable! Love it all Jody~


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