Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday Morning Friends!
I know it has been quite awhile since my last post, and I honestly don't know where the time has gone this summer. I wish that I could say that it has been filled with outside projects, home remodels, or just some good old fashioned tweeking, but I have yet to get all those things accomplished.
I did manage to get this little teapot painted...this was a yard sale find of a couple years ago. I removed the lid and turned it into a candleholder. This one didn't last long in my Etsy shop, happy to
sold the first day I listed it....yea!!

This rolling pin was allot of fun to paint! I have a favorite resale shop here in town, and found these rolling pins there. The design is by Marie Provost! I wish I could have captured a better photo of it, another thing on my to do list....:) I love Marie's designs, and thought this would be adorable in rolling pin holders, or just placed in a cabinet for display!

Now this one was rather interesting to work on. I was playing around with different background techniques with this piece, and I loved how it turned out. The plate is so old and antique looking. I am still debating on weather to add something to the rim of the plate.....hmm whatcha think? Anyway this is one of Terrye French's designs, and as you all know I love painting anything she designs.

Here is wishing you all a terrific week ahead. I have wholesale orders, and custom orders to work on this week, but I have a few Halloween items in the works also, so stay tuned.....:)
Happy Monday All!


  1. WOW! Such beautiful work!...i am so LUVIN' that teapot---what a creative mind ya got there!

  2. You do the nicest work... everything looks lovely... great job. I love the rolling pin, you are right that will look adorable on a display stand.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I am just so jealous Jody of your beautiful painting that you do!! Love that rolling pin especially!!


  4. Jody,

    Love the teapot, the rolling pin and the plate. I can see why the teapot went fast. You know I love anything you paint! LOL!


  5. Holy Smokes, Jody! Do you realize how talented you are? I can't get over people who know how to paint like you. Amazing.

  6. oh I love that tea the scene painted on it.;) have a good one.;)

  7. OH all of you are such treasures! You make my day! Thanks all for such nice are the best!

  8. Everything looks great as usual Jody. You did a fabulous job on the rolling pin =) Glad you are enjoying my designs!!

  9. Hi Jody,
    All of your treasures turned out GREAT!!! I was looking at your plate (that is so cute) and I was wondering if adding random eggs or even chicken foot prints might be something to consider. It has a real wide area to paint. But even left alone it is wonderful...just a thought. (Never enough PAINT)
    And thank you for adding my button to your side bar. Still figuring out how to do that to mine!
    OH and I will have to check out Marie Provost's patterns. Too cute.
    Enjoy your day!

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  11. Well, I can see why the teapot didn't last... girl, it is adorable! What a great idea to take the lid off and use it as a candleholder.

    The rolling pin and plate are very cute as well!


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