Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just The Beginning.......

Good Morning All! The time has arrived for me to finally get to play in the garden! After experiencing many late Illinois freezes in the past, I have learned that patience is my friend. This weekend though is my "annual" time of the year, and I just can't wait to add tons of color to the gardens.

I have a couple peony bushes that line the back of the garden, here is one of the gorgeous blooms!

I started this honeysuckle last year, but this was the first time for it to bloom and I just love it. I am hoping that it eventually will fill the entire area behind the fountain. It smells heavenly too!

Here are just a few shots of all the green in the back garden. When we first began this area of the garden it was dense shade, so it was quite the learning experience to figure out just what would work well here. I had no idea of how different "kinds" of shade you can have. I spent hours on the Internet trying to figure it all out......:) I will be adding allot of color to this area, but for now I love its simplicity.

This deep blue is just breath taking.......

The iris this year put on a spectacular show.......very tall and stately, with the small climbing rose in the background. Now to get started on adding all the wonderful color of annuals. I have 10 baskets to make and several pots to fill so we all know what I will be doing this weekend...:) I hope everyone has a great week, and I will return soon with even more garden photos!


  1. I am late getting into the garden this year too. Your garden looks lovely the blue delphinium. I'm hoping to at least get my large pots planted this weekend. Enjoy your time in the garden!

  2. Your garden looks so lush! Love the color, can't wait to do the same here. This will be the weekend finally...chances of frost are finally over..I hope!! Enjoy, the season is so short :)

  3. Hi Jody~ your garden is looking quite lovely my dear, I've been out in the dirt here too for the last 3 days:D

  4. your flowers are beautiful! So colorful.
    I'm well on my way, but will be traveling a little... hope things fare well when I gone!

  5. oh I am so loving your that electric blue..:)

  6. OH Jody I know it will pop with beauty when you add to it but it is already so Pretty. Enjoy

  7. Jody your garden is simply beautiful. I love the blue you know what they are called? I have a thing for blue flowers. Check out my blog and you'll see. Cant wait to see more of your garden. Have fun in the dirt!!! Theresa

  8. Thanks Everyone! Theresa I believe they are called Blue Lace Dephiniums...mine are a little more purple though then the camera picked up.

  9. Hi Jody, I just love your garden. The flowers are so pretty! Love the new look and music on your blog too!

  10. Love all your garden pics! my iris were terrible this year, wish someone could tell me if I did something wrong, everyone else's were beautiful! Have fun in your yard...nothing more relaxing than hands in the dirt!

  11. Just beautiful Jody! The peony is gorgeous and the deep blue is very vibrant and breath taking! We have honeysuckle and I just love when it blooms. It is so pretty all along the fence.

    You've done well my friend!


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