Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Sunday!

It has been so long since my last blog post, and I apologize for that. I have been going through one of the dreaded "creative slumps" and have barely picked up a brush in days, not alone have any finished projects to share. I know that this is temporary, but boy do I hate these times. So I have been busy with outside work when the weather permits. It has been raining, or dreary, almost every day this week, so maybe I can attribute that to my slump....:) I know that as artists we all go through these times, where we just don't know what we want to create.......sometimes I feel like "been there done that", I want something new!!

A good thing comes from this though......with no pictures to share, or events coming up I have an opportunity to just write......and visit with my friends. I have been reading all your blogs, and marveling at all your creations.......of course at the same time hoping to become inspired myself. I have noted though in my travels from blog to blog, so many pulling away from blogland, and although I understand time restraints, it saddens me. I will miss these people that have become a part of my daily life, and I wish them well, and hope in time they return. Although I don't post daily, or sometimes even weekly, I just can't imagine not having this outlet. Not only to share my work, but to stay connected to such a wonderful group of creative people. Weather it is your home, your family traditions, your favorite all enrich my life beyond measure. You have given me an opportunity to share in your struggles, your triumphs, your sorrow, and your joy, and in doing so, I am blessed with more compassion, more gratefulness, and the simple joys of friendship.

My wish for you today is that you have a wonderful Sunday doing what brings you joy. As I am writing this the sun is starting to peak out and it looks as if we might have a beautiful till next time, as always........God Bless.


  1. Jody~ I have the slumps too lately, haven't been doing any crafting at all, but have been working in the garden so at least I'm doing SOMEthing, LOL! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday too:)

  2. Jody, I think it's perfectly normal to have a lower creative time now; you're not alone! I get inspired a lot from magazines and books when the weather keeps me inside. Have a wonderful day! Ilene

  3. Jody dreary weather always gets me down this time of year I think it is because winter is over and we are tired of not being outside. I also believe sometimes our creative side needs to rest. When I try to get inspired again I do the same as you I love to read what others are doing I have to bring out the trusty notebook one of many I may find and browse through drawings or past ideas of things to make and often find something I never got around to doing and it just jump starts my brain the rest of me follows along LOL. Hope you have ended up having a wonderful sunny day.

  4. Aww thanks gals, you are just so sweet. I can't wait for shorts and tee shirt weather!

  5. I think we all go thru those slumps Jody.....and its best to take a break when you are feeling that way. For me painting is doing what "I LOVE." If my heart isn't in it...then my work will reflect that.. I know sometimes I even worry about what if I run out of ideas......when I get that feeling I put the brushes down.....I look thru books, patterns, the web.....I then write ideas down, make some sketches etc and start getting energized again!

  6. Sorry you are going through a slump. Sometimes a break is needed though. Take time to relax and enjoy this time of rest!

    I agree with what you are saying about blog land. It saddens me also when people leave or don't have time for it. I know about busy... I have 3 kids at home, I work part-time, I have a two-story house to keep clean and I craft as often as time allows so that leaves my blogging to a minimum. But I'll take that any day over not at all. I have met some pretty amazing and talented friends here in blog land and I can't imagine not staying in touch with them! Glad you're still staying around. I love coming to visit your blog, even if you don't have any pictures to post.

    Have a delightful week my friend~


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