Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Got To Paint Today!

I hope everyone is having a super Tuesday! It seems like forever since I have had a moment to get any new painting done but today I did get to finish up two new pieces!
This little gal is my "Prim Chick" There is just something about Fok Art chickens that I love to paint. I think it's their whimsical quality that speaks to me the most....:) I have a few more all  ready in my studio, so I will be showing those to you shortly.

This little gal I painted up for a customer today. The sun is shining here, which is wonderful, so the promise of spring has to be coming soon right? Since I usually paint in darker primitive colors, this was a wonderful change of pace for me, and I love how it turned out.

I actually got a photo outside today...the first in a very long time. I painted this little gal on a metal tin plate that has the ABC's embossed all around the rim. Of course I had to prim it up a little so I did some light sanding aroun the edges. If you like this design I have posted another like it in my Etsy shop......so go take a peak!

Happy Tuesday Everyone till next time.......Blessings to each and everyone!


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  2. Ooops sorry for the delete Jody. I can't type today for nothing! What I said was....I'm glad you finally got to paint something. I know how that is. I've been trying to get back into my studio but other things keep cropping up. I love the prim chick, that is so darling and the bunny plate is certainly warming me up for spring! Keep that brush flying.


  3. Thanks Willa...yes it seems that it takes "plannng" to get in the studio anymore. Hope you get a moment to get those brushes flying yourself....love seeing your work!

  4. Those pieces are just adorable. You give so much...to so many...it's time for you to relax some and enjoy a little 'me' time.

  5. I love both of those pieces Jody.......it not only "feels" good to paint Spring BUT I looked outside today and saw some bulbs pushing up through the dirt........wo-hoooooooooo!

  6. they are both terrific ...can't choose the one I like the most....but ...the prim chick is super!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment about my penny rug progress. We are all the same in how we miss our creative time, when life gets too busy. Your paintings are just as sweet as can be. Perfect to welcome in spring.

  8. Awww, they are the cutest, especially the rooster!

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  10. Yes! I was able to get outside on Tuesday also! It was nice to spray some sealer on a few projects that were piling up. That stuff is so strong, I don't like spraying it in the garage or the shop. So I've been painting the past couple of days too.

    I love your designs, they are adorable!!


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