Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where in the world does the time go at this time of year! I can't believe it has been a week since I have had the chance to get back to my blog. We have company coming to stay for a week, so it has been a flurry of things to do to get ready for that. Add in birthday parties, and trying to get the gardens closed up for winter, not to mention trying to get things painted for the holiday season.

I am so far behind, but I have promised myself one way or the other I will prevail......:) Speaking of holiday seasons, I have been working on some projects for my Etsy Teams Christmas celebration. It is coming up quickly and I will post to my blog when we are ready to begin. You won't believe some of the wonderful creations done by these talented ladies.

I am also heading up an ornament swap at Old Farmhouse Gathering. We just got it started, but as the ornaments are swapped, I hope to get photos up here on the blog, and showcase the gals that participate. I am really looking forward to this, and I hope you all enjoy looking at the new creations.

We still have pumpkins to carve, Halloween parties, and leaves to rake, but everything I will be doing now will be for the holiday season. I have so many ideas, and so many things I want to accomplish, and before you know it it will be time for decorating for Christmas.......yikes, I best get busy!

Anyway I have missed posting, and wanted to give an update, but in the meantime I have been trying to visit all the wonderful blogs, and leave comment when I can. You ladies are all so darn creative and talented. I just love visiting all of you! Have a great rest of the week, and I shall return soon! Blessings to all......


  1. Yep! You're busy. Holy cow. I love the ornaments on your side bar. Fabulous. You are such a talented painter. You make me want to do more painting. Where do you get your inspiration, ideas, patterns ... ?? You do awesome things.

  2. Thanks Pammyjo for such a sweet comment. The ornies though are not cansign up to win them if you click the picture. These were done by Haunted Swamp, and yes aren't they fabulous?


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