Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What I Have Been Working On!

Boy does it feel great to get back to my painting! Summer has finally arrived in Illinois, and came blazing in last weekend with high 90's, and humidity off the charts! So that helped get me back on track. High heat and humidity and I do not do well together.....:)
Anyway, I started working on some fall items, the biggest problem was what to choose first. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons to paint for, and I will never get all my ideas done in one lifetime.
This paint bucket was really fun to is loaded in detail, with bats, spiders, webs, a pumpkin and of course a friendly ghost. This was a design by Yvette Perrin that I purchased three years ago, and finally got around to painting it. Don't ya love it? Of course no fall would be complete without a few soaps too. This is just a simple design by Renee Mullins, but love the way it turned out.

This is another one that I did, with a crow and an ear of corn. I don't know what it is about painting soaps, but they are my all time favorite thing to do.

Last but not least, is another one of those projects that I started a couple years ago, and never finished. I was determined that this year I would finally get it done. In this photo I haven't added a hanger yet, but I will add some curly wire so that it can be hung if desired. I did one for myself, that I just prop up against my antique milk can when I decorate for fall.

As always, I am hoping to get more and more projects completed as time allows. I love fall, but must admit I am not quite ready for summer to end as of yet. I still have so many outdoor projects that are on my to do list, how about you?
Till next time, I hope you enjoy what I have created, and I will return soon with more prim decorative items for you to see so stay tuned. Wishing everyone a blessed day.........


  1. Love it all...but that crow soap is just too stinkin' cute!! lol

  2. Your painting is amazing!! Love the soaps.


  3. Very nice painting, I love how it looks on the soaps:)

  4. WOWZAAA ☺
    You're quite an artist ;)
    Love it all!

    Have a wonderful week


  5. I have lots more to do to.....but Summer will stay in NC til October at least!
    Love your work! Beth

  6. Thanks so much all for such nice comments! I so appreciate every single one!

  7. What a great job! I love your soaps ( I love painting them too!) and all your paintings are incredible !
    Hugs from Italy.

  8. I love painting for all seasons.....but especially Fall and Christmas! Love your work!


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