Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying to Play Catch Up!

Hey Blogging Buddies!

I have been missing in action the past couple weeks, but I think things are slowing down a bit, and I can begin to catch up. I have been trying to keep up with all the wonderful blog posts, and am impressed as always at the wonderful creativity of all of you.

I have been so busy with new orders, trying to do a bit of spring cleaning, grad parties, and grandchildren being here that I have nothing new to show this week....sigh. I do believe I should be able to finish up orders today, so then I can go on to the fun stuff. I did manage a quick stop into GW last week, and picked up a few new things, but have not a clue what I am going to do with them as of yet.

I did manage to snap a couple new pictures of the garden. I picked up this new heart planter over the weekend, and just love it. It matches the wall heart planters I have on the fence, and another heart planter I have at the end of the garden. I am still laying the last bit of mulch, and still need to find new seat cushions for my chairs, and then I believe I am officially done. Have some tweaking to do, of course, but that isn't work, that is the fun part...:)

I promise to be back shortly with some new trash to treasure items, but in the meantime I wish you all a great rest of the week, and as always Blessings to you all............


  1. Wow, I love your garden area! So very pretty and you have done a gorgeous job on it!!

  2. Jody,

    Love your garden area. The heart planter is neat too. Remember to take time to smell the flowers.


  3. I am SO jealous! LOVE your garden! I don't dare snap a pic of mine right now! LOL

    Sounds like you've been a very busy lady. How 'bout sending some of that energy my way! ~~Annie

  4. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. So Jody, my friend, when do you sleep???!!!??? You have been on the go haven't you. Show us some pretties as soon as you can.

    Hugs, Martha

  5. Your garden is so pretty! I love the walled area!

  6. Your yard is lookin' great! We have new fence to put up....busy busy! But it feels so good to stand back and look at it....and I am lovein' yours! Beth

  7. Good Morning Jody...

    I love your garden. Won't it nice to be able to sit back and enjoy it, although as any gardener knows the garden is never finished. Thanks for the peek...

  8. I so LOVE your garden! I wish had some fence as a back drop. It is beautiful!!!
    I have lots of yard, but not much done to it yet, yours is an inspiration! :)


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