Friday, May 29, 2009

So Whatcha Think?

Anyone that loves to dabble in primitive decorating is all in the details. We are always on the search for that perfect fabric, the right shade of red, or that last decorative touch we can add to shelves and wall gatherings. Well, that brings me to today's post.
I had this ugly gold switch plate cover in my dining room.......I am not real sure what the idea was, but I knew it had to go. It just stood out like a sore thumb, so yesterday I did up this set and I love them! I tried getting pictures of them hung up, but they were boring so I lined them up so you could see the set together.
My pictures have them a little washed out, as they are more of a dark tan then beige. They were first done in black, then the topcoat of tan, and distressed, and antiqued. I think they turned out great!
This second set I just did for the heck of it. I am not sure if they will go in my kitchen or not, but I wanted to try out the red over black to see what I thought. Again they are more a deep red, but my camera was just not going to capture it today.
If anyone has suggestions as to what kind of plates they would like to see, let me know. I have done several in the past that are painted with designs, and though I love them, sometimes we just want something with a little less pattern.
I am going to be busy today trying to finish up a few more projects to share with you later on......and it is a gorgeous day here and the weeds are calling my name after all the rain the past couple days, so hope everyone has a delightful day, and till next time.........Blessings to All


  1. Those are very neat and prim. Love them:)

  2. Those look AMAZING!! Were they wood plates to begin with or the metal one? I love both sets!
    Have a great weekend.


  3. Hey Judy!
    They are made of ash wood. I searched forever to find a quality plate.They even have the safety plates attached to the back. Thanks for such a nice comment!

  4. Love both sets Jody!! Very prim! My favorite is the tan color though!!

  5. These are very nice indeed! Very good idea to customize them for your home and personal tastes. I especially like the tan ones.

  6. Very prim idea, love 'em!

    Have a happy weekend.


  7. Jody,

    I love both sets! And you are right sometimes less is more. Nice job!


  8. The are so wonderful...I just have those dumb old plastic I might have to rethink that. Dianntha

  9. Those look great Jody!! Of course you know how much I love your switch plates....I have them in my own home and I still love them to pieces!!! As I do my other rooms you will be painting more for me too. The fine detail you add is just outstanding!

  10. Aww thanks ladies for such nice comments! You guys are what keep me going on many days. Have a great weekend all!

  11. Jody~ those are AWESOME girl!!!! I've seen the wooden switch covers but would have never thought they could be done like that, WOW! Love em:)

  12. Hi i,m cottonreel , Ive been searching for agesfor pretty light switches, after seeing yours I have inspiration-decoupage,I love what you do


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