Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hope that everyone is having a great Wednesday! It is raining and very dreary here, so since I can't be outside I got a chance to paint up a couple new things. This is another set of sitter blocks, based on a design from Susan Burd. She often does designs for Create and Decorate magazine which is one of my all time favorites.
Now this little guy is a Terrye French design, and I have painted it on a little wood iron that my friend Donna's husband made. It has a slit at the top to hold your recipe card right at eye level. Isn't it cute? I have tried my hand at painting animals, and for the sake of everyone it is a good thing that I don't pursue it...:) but I do love to paint the primitive ones.......they are always so darn cute!

I am heading out tomorrow to go do some TS shopping. The Trash to Treasure projects I was hoping to have done are still waiting for me, and here I am going to get more!
I hope everyone had a good Mother's day, and I will be back again soon with more treasures, but before I go I just want to thank all of you who always take the time to visit. Your comments and your visits mean everything, and I so appreciate each and every one. So everyone take care, and I will see you again soon!


  1. I love each and everyone of them! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jody~Your painting is amazing!
    They look great!
    I know what you mean about buying more treasures when you have gobs waiting for you. It sounds like my studio!
    Have a great night!

  3. Jody,

    Love the blocks and the chicken recipe card holder. They turned out wonderful.


  4. They all look great. You did such a good job painting them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh now Jody, you know I love those blocks!!! Really like the little recipe card holder too! I think I'm going back to Goodwill tomorrow also, more stuff to join what I haven't gotten!!

  6. This recipe card holder is a great idea. I always mess up my recipes because i am a little sloppy when I bake and this is great that it's not on the counter. Glad to have you with us on Artfire!

    Customer Relations

  7. Those are awesome blocks! And that little iron is just adorable too, you are SO talented:)

  8. The blocks are adorable, I love the card holder. That's an awesome idea!

  9. Jody,
    Please contact me

  10. Jody - I love the blocks!!! You did a fabulous job painting my design. Thank you for liking my designs!!!!

    Susan Burde

  11. Oops - I can't even spell my own last name (LOL).

    Hugs, Susan Burd


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