Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in to wish all my dear blogging friends a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope everyone is treated a little extra special tomorrow. I did get a chance to hit a couple garage sales yesterday, but found very few treasures this trip. I did find a couple, and will be posting those for ya as soon as I figure out what I will do with them......:) But for now I have to go and get everything in the studio cleaned up......I am usually kind of neat freak, but if you saw the studio you would never believe it...LOL. So off I go and again Happy Mother's Day to all........enjoy!


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you as well hon!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. A special Happy Mothers day to you too Jody!

  3. Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Hope you had a great Mother's Day also!

  5. It's a belated wish, but still sincere from my heart. Hope everyone had a wonderful time and that everyone in our lives remembers each day how special our Mothers are. I often think of my dear Mama, who has been gone for some time now, and wish for a chance to tell her again how much she means to me.


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