Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

I simply love the smell of Sweet Annie! Just brush by it and the fragrance is heavenly. I had this old box down in my basement. It was once a recipe box, but somewhere along the line the lid was misplaced. I don't know why I hung on to it, but then again, yes I do......I can't let go of anything that might one day be a treasure. Well anyway I found it the other day, as I wanted to do a fast and easy project for an end table in my living room. The color scheme in there is beige, white, and brown, so I grabbed this old box, stained it dark walnut, added a simple little" Olde Candles" label, and I had it.
. Now what to fill it with. Now keep in mind this was a fly by the seat of your pants project......:) So I took a candle that I had in my cabinet, placed it on some floral foam, Then I went in search of a few rusty stars, added my left over Sweet Annie, and in 30 minutes I had a cute little added touch for my living room. I have plans to eventually replace the real candle with a battery operated one, but need to get to the store and get one since I have used all of mine. Anyway, this was fun, and so simple. Just look around your home, I bet there are all kinds of things you could use for quick and easy projects.
While taking pictures, I couldn't resist doing one is sepia. Love the way it turned out!


  1. Jody...just love it. I guess I need to start actually putting to use all the "things" I'm holding on to.

  2. I love the way you did that display. It looks great. I'm another who can't throw things away if there is a possibility of using them again, especially in craft projects.

  3. Very nice :) I love those crafts that we kind of throw together and they turn out so nice :)

    I also love your painted soaps from yesterday! I have never tried painting on soap...I thought I painted on everything..lol

    Have a great night :)


  4. Jody,

    You have that "holding onto" problem too? LOL! Guess I'm in good company then. I love your new repurposed treasure.


  5. Late as usual, but I love this T2T remake Jody.


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