Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Well I missed my "Whatcha Workin' On Wednesday" this week.....and for that I apologize. It has just been one of those weeks, where I did a little here, a little there, and nothing finished. BUT.......I did work on my studio this week. I have a very small space, actually about the size of a nice walk in closet. So when things get unorganized, it can really drive my stress level up....LOL.
So for this week, instead of working on a painted design, I chose to organize my space, and it does make a big difference to have everything where it belongs. I moved a bookcase to let in more light, and sectioned everything according to function, and I am a happy camper today, as I don't work well in chaos. Of course doing a nice spring cleaning up there, really got the inspiration going, and I would love to have time this summer to do some redecorating in there. I feel that a craft space should always be an inspiration, regardless of the size. Surround yourself with things you love, hang a plaque on the wall that has a favorite saying......paint the room your favorite color weather it matches the rest of your home or not. I make no promises, but I HOPE to be able to show you some changes in my space in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.......:)


  1. Love the tips for creating a "crafty" creative nook all your own. It would beat my current system of spread-it-out-everywhere-and-watch-tv-while-sewing space (which is basically an old cookie tin and an armchair). I also love the OFG spring celebration banner--whoever put it together chose a beautiful background.

  2. Jody,

    Well now that you've got yours organized...wanna come do mine? LOL!


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