Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey All!

I am getting so excited!! Our first annual "Secret Santa" swap, on the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy will be starting in a couple days. We were to make an item for holiday decorating, and then the fun begins! I got "volunteered"....:) for the job of Swap Mama, so I am a little more anxious then the rest I think. It has been so much fun, doing the partners, and with the incredible talent on this team, there are going to be some fabulous things to show you here soon. So be sure to stop back in and see a few of the items that the girls have made! Of course mine will be front and center........gee it feels like Christmas!!!


  1. hey girlie....I wanta join in the Etsy group!....Didn't even know they had groups on Etsy...LOL...can you send me an email about it?...thanks!

  2. Thanks for organizing this for us...I'm anxiously awaiting my surprise!

  3. it was so muhc fun doing the ofg secret santa swap...hope we do one again next yr..


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