Friday, June 13, 2008

Time is Flying By!!

I thought I was doing well with getting things ready for summer, but boy here we are in June, and still I have so many things to do. Usually by this time, my garden is complete, but this year as so many of you, we have battled the most unusual weather, and it has been almost too wet to plant on most days. So for now, I still have annuals to plant which I am hoping to get in this weekend, just those bright spots of color in an othewise green and peaceful shade garden. My friend Sandy and I are off to the greenhouse today to see what new and different things we can find, and as always, I will come home with way too many things. I am on the lookout today for some lupines, hollyhocks, morning glories, and miniature roses. Although the garden is primarily shade, I do have one area that does get a good bit of sun, so I have taken advantage of that and developed a cottage style garden in that area. It has been trial and error with this garden, as gardening in the shade can offer quite the challenge.

On my to do list for this weekend is repainting a garden bench that was made for me by a dear friend. I purchased a new sign to hang from the back of the bench and I can't wait to see how it all looks together. This bench sits in the first section of my garden, and I just love it! So be sure to check back later on to see how everything turns out! I will be taking many photos as the summer goes on to share with you how my garden evolves over the summer months.

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  1. This is all so beautiful, Jody! I envy not only your painting skills, but your gardening skills as well.



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